'EL CHORO'

    El Choro was born in Huelva and learnt flamenco with his father El Choro and the artists Javier Latorre, Antonio El Pipa, Javier Barón, Rafael Campallo, Israel Galván and Antonio Canales. He has worked in the companies of Israel Galván, Eva la Yerbabuena (in the show “Eva”), Mercedes Ruiz and Rafael Campallo, performing in the Flamenco Festival of Monterrey in Mexico, the International House of Philadelphia, The Danny Kaye Playhouse in New York and the Miami Festival.

    In 2006 he started his own company working in Portugal and the Netherlands. In 2008 he performed in “Leolé” with Leonor Leal in the Jerez Festival.The following year he joined the company of Manuela Carrasco performing in the show “Suspiro Flamenco” in the Central Theatre of Seville and Japan. He was awarded in the Youth Dance Contest of Huelva and in 2015 he joined the company of Vicente Amigo, with whom he toured the United States. That same year he premiered his show "Aviso, Bayle Jitano" at the Festival de Jerez, in Israel, in Albuquerque, in the Bienal de Sevilla and Suma Flamenca in Madrid. to full houses and great public acclaim. In 2016 he won the revelation prize at the Festival de Jerez.


    Abel Harana was born in Salucar de Barameda, and at the young age of 18 he wins the first prize in the national award “Noches de Bajo de Guía”. He has since performed in the best tablaos in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville including 'Coral de la Morreria', 'El Arenal', 'El Cordobes' and 'Tablao del Carmen'. 

    The tours the world extensively with flamenco companies of Maria Pagés and Pepa Montés and Ricardo Miño, performing his own choreography in Seville's prestigious Teatro Lope de Vega as part of the Bienal Flamenco 2012. 

    For six years he formed part of legendary Cristina Hoyos 'Ballet Flamenco de Andalucia', and in 2010 the premieres his own show 'Memoria Antigua' at the Festival de Jerez to much critical acclaim.

    He is currently working in the companies of the famous dancers Rocio Molina and Andres Marin.

    Co-Director, Dancer

    Francesca has been the lead dancer and choreographer in the flamenco company Puerto Flamenco touring extensively and performing in prestigious festivals such as Womad in Adelaide and New Zealand, QPAC Theatre in Brisbane, The Pittsburgh Arts Centre in the USA,  Sziget Festival in Budapest, the Sodra Teatren in Stockholm, Montreux Jazz Festival. IN 2010 she was invited to perform at the Larachi Flamenco festival in Seville, Malaga and Paris. Francesca is the lead dancer of the Eduardo Trassierra Flamenco Project with whom she performed at the “Bienal de Flamenco” 2010 in Seville, and at the Brosella Jazz Festival in Brussels. At present she works in the tablao “El Palacio Andaluz”  and “El Arenal” as well as the “Tablao Alvarez Quintero” in Seville, Spain.


    Antonio Castro “Antoñete” was born in Córdoba in 1972. In the year 1988 he started his professional career performing with the flamenco company  “Soleá”, with which  he toured throughout Europe and America. In 1991 he acted as lead dancer in the performance “Magia Gitana”, which was premiered in London under the direction of Jorge Peralta. Antonio has worked in all the famous tablaos in Seville including  “Los Gallos”,  “El Arenal” where he works as artictic director, as well as in Madrid at “Café Chinitas”. In the year  2000 he participaed in the XI Bienal de Flamenco with  “Ritmo”, choreographed by Manolo Marín and in the XII Bienal de Flamenco with the performance  “Entre Flamencos”, with which he toured internationally. In 2014 Antonio produced and presented his own show "Una Noche en El Arenal" at the Bienal Flamenco de Sevilla.

    Co-director, Percussionist

    Belgrade born Andrej Vujicic, initiates his international career as a percussionist in Sydney, Australia, performing at the Sydney Opera House. He moves to Sevilla in the year 2000, where he collaborated with artists such as Lole Montoya, Manuel Molina, Familia Montoya, Carmelilla Montoya, Maria Serrano, Eduardo Trasierra, “La Tremendita”, Encarnita Anillo among others. He performed extensively over five continents participating at important festivals such as and The Montreux Jazz Festival, WOMAD, Sziget Festival, Bienal Del Flamenco de Sevilla, Festival de Jerez, etc, and together with his wife runs their company Puerto Flamenco. Worked for two years in the famous tablao ‘El Arenal’ in Seville alongside La Tana, Rafael Campallo, El Junco, Pepe de Pura, Rafael de Utera amongst others.


    His passion for flamenco started at a very early age. When he was only two and a half years old he was singing his first fandangos with a perfect tone. Since then he has not stopped getting awards, like the First Prize of the National Fandangos Contest “Paco Toronjo” Alosno, Saeta Young Award in Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz), Special Award for the Best Malagueña in the Great Singing Competition “Singing Tower” of Alhaurin de la Torre and finalist at the awards Camaron, Manolo Caracol, Cayetano Muriel, Pepe Marchena and Niña de los Peines in the XVIII, National Flamenco Art Contest of Cordoba. He recently performed at brand new opening tablao Garlochí in Tokyo. Jesus, as a solo singer, also accompanies dancers with songs. He has worked with artists of the stature of Milagros Mengíbar, Belen Maya, Rafael Campallo, Jose Galvan or young dancer Luisa Palicio who recently won the Revelation Giraldillo Prize of the Seville Biennial. He has also shared the stage with Estrella Morente, Chano Lobato, Fosforito, Luis Cordoba, Juanito Villar, Archangel, “Extremeño”, “Guadiana”, “La Tremendita”, Montse Cortés, Mayte Martin.


    Special guest artist in Puerto Flamenco, Encarnita Anillo one of the most sought after singers for dance by the biggest names in flamenco such as Israel Galvan, Farruquito, Belén Maya and Andrés Marín to name a few. She initiates her solo carrier after Publishing her first album "Barcas de Plata" and receiving prestigious awards:  ‘Premio Flamenco Joven’ and  ‘Andalucía Joven’ in the category for art. She performed alongside Farruquito in the recent ‘Flamenco, Flamenco’ movie by the great Carlos Saura, and toured extensively across Europe, America  and Japan.  


    Ruben was born into a family of artists, his father Manuel Parejo a famous flamenco guitarist. He starts playing guitar at the age of six, and at twelve he plays for dance at the Academy of José Galvan, later entering the Conservatory of Music of Seville whilst at the same time working in the tablaos ‘Los Gallos’ and ‘El Arenal’. He travels to Japan with the company of Terúo, and in 2002 he works with Juana La Tobála in the television program ‘Llama Viva’ alongside guitarist Pedro Sierra. He performs in the Bienal de Sevilla playing with Pedro Sierra, Rafael de Utrera, El Junco and Juana La Tobála, and in 2010 he performes in the Festival of Jerez with the Abel Harana and Patricia Ibáñez.